How To Swap A Honda K-Series Into A S14 Nissan 240SX: Part 3

To mate the S2000 header up to the S14’s exhaust system, which normally routes down the driver’s side, the far end of the header needed to be modified. Vinh started by cutting off the 2.5” OE ball gasket flange.

He then welded on a Vibrant Performance 3” diameter 2-bolt exhaust flange.

This would bolt to a 3” Vibrant Performance bellows assembly flex joint and cross-over pipe that would connect the header on the passenger side of the engine bay to the rest of the exhaust system which runs down the center tunnel area on the driver’s side of the chassis.

I didn’t get any pictures of Vinh building the cross-over pipe with the bellows in it to connect the header to the 3” diameter Tomei exhaust system, but you can see the entire job in the video episode above.

With the exhaust side complete, it was time to modify the steering shaft. This was required because we shimmed the front subframe down by an inch to give us better oil pan clearance.

This meant extending the steering shaft to reach the steering rack on the subframe. This is a simple enough job, requiring a piece of tube that slip fits over the steering shaft, which Vinh welded in to extend the shaft after cutting the shaft in the middle.

Last up for this update is the intake manifold. Again, there are aftermarket options here like the rather pricy Skunk2 Ultra series manifold, but we decided to go with a more cost-effective OE setup by using a JSP Fab adapter (bolted up in the picture above) that allows a Honda S2000 F20C intake manifold to bolt up to a K-series cylinder head.

The F20C intake manifold does need a little tuning up to fit the K-series, though. Pete had to bust out the die grinder and remove some material from the manifold, as you can see here.

With the F20C manifold installed, we threw the engine in the bay. Looking good!

That’s a wrap on this K24-into-S14 update, but we’ll be back soon with Part 4, where we’ll cover off the fuel and cooling system solutions. Lots more still to come!

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