Project Grip S14:
Adjustable Suspension Arms

After finding a loose rear balljoint during a previous install meant it was time to upgrade the suspension arms on Project GripS14. Instead of just replacing the stock bits with OEM balljoints, a worthy track focused upgrade is spherical bearings and adjustable arms.


Why you ask? Well, stock balljoints and suspension arms are meant to offer lots of compliance (flex and absorb) so the quality of the cars ride is fit for old ladies and soccer moms. To turn it into a real track machine, we don’t want any play or forgiveness.


Instead, we want components that will provide predictable and repeatable movements over and over allowing us to drive the car harder and faster.


On top of that, adjustability is critical so dialing in suspension settings can be precise and easy, something the OEM parts do not offer. Instead, aftermarket arms from GodSpeed Project are a great and affordable upgrade.

So watch the video below for a better understanding of the upgrade and how easy it is to do on the S-chassis.

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Is it necessary to get an alignment or can I get away with doing a DIY alignment?


@Ryan An alignment is a must! Either have a shop that deals with performance cars to align it for you or you can do it yourself. We’ve got a great story on how to accomplish that: