RotorFest 2013: The Northeast’s answer to SevenStock



Red seems to be the perfect color for the FD. JBust’s 99 spec’d FD sitting on Desmond Regamasters had be me occupied for a while. If I had the chance to do it all over again, this is how mine would be. It’s not just a hard parker, he also made a few passes down the drag strip.


His friend snuck in his 2JZ swapped FD and crashed the Rotary party. No matter the engine, the chassis and rest of the car was super clean and well executed.

3-rotor, 20B, Rx7


Gordon Monsen’s naturally aspirated 3-rotor FD made an appearance. The individual throttle body setup on his 20B was a sight to behold.  I also like how his exhaust exits through the rear bumper, giving the rear a much sleeker appearance without a muffler hanging out back.



Many RX-8s were in attendance as well; sporting a whole host of both performance and cosmetic modifications.

Having taken in the show section of the event, I headed over to the drag racer’s pits to check out the serious machinery in attendance.




Ivan Burgos’ Toyota Starlet, nicknamed “Angelina,” sports a peripherally ported and turbocharged 13B backed with a GForce 5 speed transmission. The rear of the car was tubbed to fit huge rubber and a Ford 9 inch rear end. His entire crew was made up of his family. His best E.T. was 8.43 @ 161 Mph. Max boost is 38psi…..yes 38psi.  A family that races together, stays together.


JPR Imports, a rotary specialist from South Jersey had 2 FD’s in their camp. The presence these two had just sitting in the pits was intimidating.

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