Targa Newfoundland Scion FR-S Build Episode 5

Apparently Peter and I don’t count very well, because we posted Episode 6 here last week and skipped Episode 5 (which has been on our YouTube channel for a while now, so we’re not out of sequence if you’ve been wise enough to subscribe).

So, just in case you’re depending on us to keep you up to speed on all our videos, here’s Episode 5 in all its glory. This one is short and sweet, covering just the basic info and installation of an AEM intake and HKS exhaust systems, but we’ll have a proper dyno test video for you soon since we’ve taken delivery of the last pieces of the power-adding puzzling and had the whole shebang dyno tuned by the Grandwizard of ECU tuning, Mr. Sasha Anis from OnPoint Dyno.

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