Project GripS14: Tomei ExpremeTi Exhaust, Oil Pan & Hi-Flow Cat Install


Project GripS14 has been the neglected child in our Speed Academy Tuning Dungeon. It’s been sitting there begging for attention so I finally said, screw it and pulled an almost all nighter to get some much needed parts installed on it.

The piece de resistance, a Tomei ExpremeTi 3-inch titanium exhaust system, was the first item fitted onto the S14.

Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust007As the video below explains, this system weighs 10lbs and is uber JDM with quality pie cut tig welds for bends.

Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust006It can be had for just under $1000 bucks which is one helluva bargain for a full titanium system.

Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust009Tomei also makes a test pipe that pairs with the exhaust system.

Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust001I, however had another more street legal idea…

Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust010I welded up a Vibrant Performance GESI OBDII compliant catalytic converter. It’s rated up to 500hp and I’ll soon find out whether it passes Emissions and Smog!

Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust004Alongside the exhaust upgrades, I also installed a Tomei High Capacity, baffled oil pan. Something that I feel is a must for anyone pushing their car to the limit on track.


Nissan-240SX-Tomei-Exhaust003The quality on this piece is superb! Precision welds and a very functional design. I won’t be worrying about oil starvation anymore!

For the full rundown on the install and parts, you’ll really want to watch the video below. It gets into the details that I wont in this story because who reads these days anyways?!


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