Tool Review: Harbor Freight US General Wheel Dollies

Harbor Freight Tools are hit and miss. Some work fantastically well and others fall a little short. The US General Wheel Dollies didn’t fare too well in my experience. They were incredible hard to move, I could barely budge them. They require at least two people to get the car moving and even then it was difficult to maneuver the vehicle.

You could spend 5 minutes aligning every wheel dolly, all 16 of them in the same direction which may help the cause but these things should roll around lightly especially a light vehicle like the S2000 with ease! I’ve used the Go Jaks in the past with much better success so I was hoping these would work the same but sadly that isn’t the case.

I’ll be upgrading the wheels since I think those are the issue so we’ll see how effective these dollies become. Stay tuned!

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