No matter where you live, who you are, or what you drive, if the smell of high-octane fuel, cooked brakes, and burnt rubber puts a smile on your face and a hop in your step, chances are we’ve built this for you.

Speed Academy is a website and YouTube channel with real passion for all things automotive, but our focus is first and foremost on going fast. Whether it’s modified road cars or fully built track cars, we’re all about finding ways to make the machines we love even more fun than the day they left the assembly line. So expect to find a high-performance focus here, where we test the latest go-fast parts and build a wide range of project cars while documenting the improvements in performance every step of the way. Dyno tests, track tests, DIY installation guides, and engine swaps are all part of the master plan.

Peter Tarach and Dave Pratte, the driving forces behind Speed Academy, have been building, modifying, evaluating and racing cars for over a decade and were the key personnel behind the now shuttered Modified Magazine. Peter, Dave and their core group of contributors, all diehard petrolheads, know a thing or two about testing performance parts and building badass machines.

Here at Speed Academy, it’s all motivated by passion, not fat wallets, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find us using cheap knock-off parts that can’t survive a day at the track. We support authentic products that are engineered to win, and we’ve learned through experience that it’s always best to invest in genuine performance parts designed by real engineers to not only survive but excel when pushed to the limit.

We live for this stuff, and Speed Academy is our way of sharing our passion with you as well as sharing the lessons we’ve learned as professional automotive editors, racers, and life-long gearheads.

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Peter Tarach  –  peter@speed.academy

Dave Pratte – dave@speed.academy