Crankcase Ventilation
Valve Fix

Just when I thought I had fixed everything wrong with my BMW 540i E39 4.4L V8 Touring, it proves once again to be a temperamental b!tch. This time the crankcase ventilation valve decided to stop working. The horrible whining/whistling sound it was making had me thinking it was a pulley or waterpump failing but it turns out that when the diaphragm inside the CCV fails the engine builds large amounts of vacuum and produces that awful squeal.

The replacement part is rather inexpensive (under $100.00) and can be purchased at Guten Parts or Turner Motorsports. However, the job itself is rather time consuming and frustrating to say the least. BMW says you need to remove the intake manifold to replace the valve but that means, fuel lines being disconnected, intake mani gaskets being replaced and so forth. If your E39 has a lot of miles on it then replacing all the gaskets may actually may be a good idea. My engine will soon be replaced with a 2JZ-GTE so I wanted the less complicated and quicker fix.

As the video will explain, getting to the CCV’s bolts is a huge pain in the ass and requires a lot of finesse. It can be done though and we do-it-yourself mechanics are always up for a challenge right?! But unlike me, you’ll have advantage of watching this video which I hope will help lessen the frustration and speed up the job. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the video about fixing a BMW E39 crankcase ventilation valve. I have been searching forever to find something like this to guide me while repairing my car. The video really helps because I can actually see what is going on. Thanks again for the information!

Olivia Jayden
Olivia Jayden

Thanks for posting this video,it is a informative video.Mainly crankcase ventilation done recycling of gases through a valve to the intake manifold,where the gases pumped back into the cylinders for another shot at combustion.If you want to repair it please visit