Living the Cali high life
in a Lexus RC 350 F Sport


If I do have one complaint, it’s the programming on the manual shifting mode. The auto trans still shifts for you when approaching redline on the tachometer, and from my point of view what’s the point of having a manual shifting option when it’s over ridden by the ECU?! I found it particularity annoying approaching a corner where holding a gear can be quite beneficial, but the RC would often upshift.



Aside from driving, Angeles Crest provides plenty of opportunities to pull over and enjoy the view. It’s certainly a good one! You can see downtown LA in the top photo and some of the air quality issues that plague SoCal, but the rugged mountains help distract you from it.


My canyon trip didn’t all go as planned. My GoPro mount decided it wasn’t too keen on being attached to the rear bumper and fell off literally a few seconds before I was going to stop. And of course, the memory card that had all the video footage I was planning to cut together for all of you to enjoy was ejected from the camera and destroyed. Not cool.

In hindsight, it’s my own fault for not using the proper case when mounting the camera on the exterior, so I’ve got no one to blame but myself. And karma.


As my day came to an end, I decided the RC had earned a car wash and what better place then one of the do-it-yourself stations where I could take my time and enjoy the fact that it’s warm enough to be in a t-shirt washing a car in January.


There’s no bad angle on the RC 350 F Sport. No matter where you stand, it always looks downright proper. I still can’t decide whether I like the rear end better or the front. Perhaps you’ve got an answer for me?


My week with the RC 350 F Sport came to a close far too quickly, but I’m proud to say that I maximized and enjoyed every minute of it.


Well, almost every minute. Traffic is still just like I remembered it in LA; horrific and it’s never fun staring at tail lights moving 3 mph for the duration of your drive home.


I’ll leave you with this blurry and drab photo only to prove that SoCal actually does have it’s normal city moments when it rains and the skies are grey. Sure, they are far and few between, making it one of the best places for an auto enthusiast to live, but life back in Toronto ain’t so bad either. Go Leafs go?


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California Canyon Roads + Extended test drives = Awesome. Those red seats look premium, however that engine bay would be disappointing at a cars and coffee…not worth the hood pop.