Quick and Easy 2016 Mazda 3 Build

That’s right, we take care of our friends in strange and special ways, including occasionally pimping their rides when they’re not looking. In the case of Moose, our long-time friend who you may have seen in a number of video series on our YouTube channel, he needed to borrow my Toyota Tundra for some manly work around his property and this gave us the perfect opportunity to sneak in a quick two day build on his daily driver, this 2016 Mazda 3.

Even bone stock I must say this is a really fun little hatchback to rip around in, but from our perspective every car can benefit from a little tasteful modification to improve on its performance and style. We’re pretty confident you’ll agree we hit the nail on the head with this build, the ST Suspensions coilovers deleting the wheel well gap above the  Enkei TS-V wheels and Nitto NT555 G2 tires while the carbon rear wing from J Spec Performance and urethane front lip providing a subtle but significant improvement in aggression. Add to that an AEM cold air intake for a few extra ponies and some much needed induction noise and a SprintBooster to tune out the laggy DBW throttle pedal and we think Moose has a damn near perfect Mazda 3 on his hands, but watch the two episodes below and judge for yourself.

Oh, and if you want to “trim your bushes so your tree stands taller” like Moose does with his Manscaped Lawnmower 3.0 hair timmer, be sure to use checkout code SPEED20 for a 20% discount!

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