BMW E92/E90
Bluetooth handsfree Install


However, you’ll have to pop this loopback plug out in order to completely remove the panel from the car.


You can kind of make out the foot rest in this photo so use it as a reference to look up for a loose cable with black foam padding wrapped tightly around it. Remove it to expose the plug and optical cable.


Grab the bluetooth antenna and plug the cable into it.


Then clip it into place on the plastic leg panel. As you can see, there’s a spot for it in the upper left corner. Once that’s complete. Re-install the panel as it came out and we’re moving on.


The roof dome light assembly is the next order of business.


It can be a bit tricky to pop out but I realized that there are two metal clips holding it in place at the front of the dome lights. After removing the opaque plastic surrounding the lights, I was able to jam a screwdriver in place and push the clips back to release the unit.


If you look at the left side of the dome assembly you’ll notice the plug and spot where the microphone needs to sit.


Plug it in and pop the mic in place and put everything back into its rightful spot.


The final step of this installation requires removing the rear seat side bolster.


Behind it you’ll find two connectors and a bunch of green optical wires.


After separating the connectors and exposing the terminals, you’ll need to reconfigure the wires so that the bluetooth connections are active.

I’ve read some cars are already wired correctly at the terminals so there’s no need to move around any cables while some aren’t. Regardless, refer to the diagram above for the proper connections and the manual referenced here.


Once that’s completed, you can go ahead and put the covers back onto the connectors and place re-install the side bolster.


And that’s almost a wrap. Sadly, this is the part of the install that most of us can’t do ourselves and that’s initializing the bluetooth module. Unless you have BMW specific programming software and interface cable then you’ll have to take your car to a dealer or a shop that does.


They’ll be able to quickly update the parameters and enable bluetooth at which point you should be able to pair the phone to the car and make phone calls!

If for some reason everything works but the microphone, there are some wires that need to be re-pinned in a plug near the fuse panel. This post explains it in good detail.


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Bluetooth handsfree Install"

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Starting to love this site over Speedhunters, keep up the content!!


Is there a Bluetooth retrofit or update for getting Bluetooth 4.1??? I’ve noticed significant slowdowns of 4G LTE (USA, SoCal, At&t bands) while concurrently running Bluetooth.
Bluetooth sound/signal quality occasionally degrades, too.
BT v. 4.1 has coexistence filters of some sort, AFAIK. But it requires both ends to be 4.1+ for those to kick in.


To be clear, does this also allow you to stream music to your car via bluetooth?


My friend has had E90 with Bluetooth preinstalled, and answer is no 🙁

Lars Lundblad
Hi there, just some input. I have retrofitted Bluetooth phone to my EU E91 lci 2009 ym, built 11/2008. No speech or phone, allready fitted USB and AUX in armrest, therefore the Mulf2 is allready in the boot. I fitted the coaxcable from Mulf2 to Bluetooth antenna, left it in the trunk, fitted microphone in cieling, there were no cable for the mic in the car, so fitted from Mulf2 in trunk to cieling with shielded mic cable approximately 5 meters. Got a local BMW specialist to code, $620 and $644, everything seemed to work directly, phone paired to car,… Read more »
I have a 2001 E39 but am in active negotiations with a dealer to buy a 2011 E92. It has Logic7 sound system but no iDrive, no USB and no BT. Only AUX. I’m going to need phone call functionality via BT; charging and audio playback via single USB; and steering wheel controls for phone/audio playback. Looking through this thread and elsewhere, it seems I would need to buy and install the MULF2, which appears to be readily available in used form on eBay for around $100. Am I correct that this is the solution and will provide all of… Read more »