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We also loved the fact that the drift dudes were out in force, from grassroots warriors like our buddies Jover in his AE86 and Martino in his S13 all the way up to Formula Drift hot shoe and Drift Garage host Ryan Tuerck in his 2JZ powered FR-S.


Best of all, GridLife let them drift the entire track. None of this “drift 3 or 4 corners then shut it down” nonsense. The crowd was loving it and I’m sure the drift-dudes were too. The Team Proceed duo in the S13 and MkIII Supra ran tandem the whole time, which was cool to see, but nobody was slaying tires harder than Tuerck.

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The vibe in the paddock and around the camp sites was great, too. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their life despite some seriously wet and chilly weather rolling in Friday night and sticking around the rest of the weekend. The GridLife crew planned accordingly, though, so even the outdoor concerts were ready to go rain or shine and the grounds around the concert stage were packed when headliners Keys ‘N Krates took the stage.


We can’t leave out the Car Show crowd, who showed up in force on Saturday. The whole bagged and slammed scene may not be our thing, but we still appreciate the passion these guys and gals bring to the car scene and respect a well executed show build. And hey, if you can’t afford air ride or custom offset 3-piece wheels, you can at least bring it strong with your sticker game, right?


Even the safety crew had style at GridLife, as did the Redbull rolling boom box. We seriously want an International truck like Redbull brought for towing our growing fleet of race cars and so Peter can pretend to be Ashton Kutcher while slow rolling past sorority houses.

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We checked out a bit early because we had some business to attend to back on home turf, so we didn’t get to compete in the Time Attack through to the end, but we still had an absolute blast ripping around Gingerman in our trusty FR-S. It’s such a fun car to chuck into corners, wet or dry, and once we add some more power with a supercharger it’s going to be seriously, seriously quick. We’re already stoked about #GRIDLIFE 2016 and rolling into South Haven with a couple of our project cars next year.

Until then, enjoy our #GRIDLIFE 2015 recap video and hope to see you at the track soon! And if there are any cars from GridLife that you’d like to see us do a spotlight story on, just shoot us an e-mail or post about it on our Facebook page and we’ll make it happen.

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Great coverage fellas! I definitely need to make it out next year.