How to paint your car seat
to change its color

Old, worn, and faded car seats aren’t a pretty sight so why not bring them back to life with a simple coat of paint! That’s right, painting your car seat is a very effective means of taking an old seat and adding some life back to it.


Don’t be mistaken though, this is not going to magically bring the material on your seat back to like-new status. Re-upholstering is pretty much the only way to make a seat feel and look like new again.


However, painting it can mask a lot of stains and faded areas to give the seat a fresher appearance. Best of all though, you can actually change the color of your seat.


As in the case of Project Grip S14, it had a Nissan Skyline R32 passenger side seat that was originally blue in color and hardly matched the interior especially after installing a Recaro Profi SPG bucket seat in the drivers side. After using Duplicolor’s Fabric and Vinyl Coating spray paint in black, the seat now matches the interior much better than before.

The job was simple and easy but not without its hiccups. Watch the video for all the details and pre-cautions so that you won’t make the same mistakes I did.

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