Garrett GTX2863R Turbo + Supporting Upgrades for an SR20DET


Here’s a quick test fit to see if the BOV dump tube would work. I had to cut up a Samco Sport rad hose to mate the piping since the stock one wouldn’t work.


Turbosmart‘s Comp-Gate 40 wastegate was the perfect product for the tight confines of this setup. It’s 40MM design is compact yet provides more than enough flow and heat-handling capabilities for my application.


Oh and look at that! I was able to use the factory turbo heatshield, this will be a huge component of containing the heat produced by the turbo.


Here’s a view of the almost finalized turbo setup. Looks right at home doesn’t it?


There was one more addition to the setup before everything would be buttoned down. A Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can. Why a catch can? Well, the pressure control valve (PCV) runs directly to the air intake and as the intake creates vacuum, it ventilates crankcase pressure from the engine. The by-product is oil vapor which gets drawn into the intake. Over time it deposits a layer of oil inside your intercooler and piping and your engine ingests it.


To combat this issue, a baffled oil catch can is added into the mix and oil particles as low a 40-micron are trapped through its bronze filter. Cleaner intake = better performing engine.


The catch can found its home next to the cold air intake for the turbo.

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Top Writeup. Badass Job.


Curious, why didn’t you purchase the turbo with a turbine housing made for an external wastegate? (instead of welding up the internal wastegate and modding the stock manifold and all that)

Great write, thank you for taking the time!


Which bov are you using?
Does this setup utilize the stock bov plumb back?