Honda K-Series ( K20, K24 )
Swap Guide
Part 2


The transmission side HR engine mount assembly was also installed before everything would be dropped into the Integra’s bay. There’s a billet mount that goes on the backside of the engine but leave it off so you have more space to wiggle the engine in place, at least that’s what I found.


Carefully lower the K20 engine/trans into the Integra’s engine bay.


You’ll quickly find out that it’s a tight fit on the passenger side so keep an eye out on it because it’s easy to damage a pulley at this time.


It’s going to take some pushing and maneuvering but eventually the mounts will start aligning up and you’ll be able to tighten them down. As you can tell, I had to unbolt the engine mount from the chassis and onto the engine before it would start to line up.

You may have to do the same with this and any of the other mounts, it’s a game of millimeters here so sometimes even loosening a mount can get it to fall into place or line up with the bolts.


Once both driver and passenger side mounts are secured (but not tightened) go ahead and install the rear engine mount.


Now tighten all the engine mounts up and high five yourself and/or your buddy! You’ve got a K20 in your Integra!


After finagling the stock K-series harness into the cabin, I left the task of wiring up the conversion harness to my good buddy, Andrew DeLaCour. He’s done a few of these swaps before so I felt he would be the man to tackle this job. If you’re in the same boat, don’t hesitate to ask your friends or fellow forum members with K-swap wiring experience to come help you out.


On the other hand, the instruction provided are easy to understand making the wiring job not that difficult a task especially since HR, K-Tuned or Hasport have done all the hard work for you building the conversion harness.


While Andrew took care of the wiring, I set out to finish off plumbing the fuel setup. A return line was fitted to the stock rubber hose using a barb fitting.


While the fuel pressure regulator was mounted to shock tower and all the lines tightened.


And the fuel lines were run to the fuel rail and that’s all there is to it! DC2 to K20 fuel system complete!

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around how much was it to do the swap?



Is this the same process for DA ? I have 1990 integra wanting to do k20

John davis
John davis

I have a k24 going into my 198 Honda Civic coupe, it’ll be my first swap in my early career. Because y’all have made this page, I will most likely have close to no issue, I wanted to thank y’all and when she’s done I’ll send some pics and tag y’all. Big thank you again.


Does the harness include the fan switch connector? Or is this extended from the OE harness?