Mitsubishi Evo VIII to
IX Bumper Conversion


Our IX bumper is almost ready to bolt on!



These side spats are riveted on and a must have since they attach to the under tray. Without them the lower portion of the bumper will just flap around.


Here’s a good view of the bumper fully assembled and ready to be re-installed.


But wait! We almost forgot the crowning jewel, the triple diamond logo that is Mitsubishi Motors. I actually contemplated running without it because I like how clean it would be to have just a bare mesh grill. I decided against it though since there are gaps in the mesh and a metal retaining plate where the logo resides so without some modification it’s not really going to look proper.


The IX bumper fits right up like the VIII one so installation is the complete opposite of how you removed the bumper. You see those two small holes next to the the sides of the intercooler? 6400A391BA & 6400A392BA are the plugs that go there so don’t forget to order those otherwise you’ll have an unsightly looking bumper.



And there you have, a mint looking IX bumper on an Evolution VIII. I didn’t reinstall the license plate holder and that’s because it requires a IX replacement (License Plate Bracket- 6430A057 1) and personally, I like how clean the front end looks without it.


Click here for the JDM rear bumper conversion how-to story
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How the fuck are you going to put the Evo 9 bumper on the Evo 8 when the bumper upper reinforcement bar is discontinued part number 6400A370. Don’t make how unless it’s 100% legit.