Nissan SR20DET Swap Guide Part 1

Throw Out Bearing

Next up is removing the throw-out bearing and replacing it with a new unit, if for some reason you’re reusing a used clutch then make sure to buy a new one of these. They are relatively inexpensive and will save you the hassle of having to drop the transmission if they fail. To remove it, pull on the assembly and the rear clip will pop off the arm and the bearing will slide off.

The bearing is press fit onto the housing so find a proper sized diameter socket and hammer it off. Use a similar method but with a larger socket and LIGHTLY tap it back on to reinstall it. You don’t want to force it and break it.

Before you reinstall the transmission onto the engine, make sure to lube up the input shaft with grease. This will allow it to slide into the center splines on the clutch disc much easier.

Slide and wiggle the transmission into place, it may take a couple tries to get the splines to line up with the clutch and if you need rotate the input shaft a bit if its not sliding in. Tighten the transmission bolts up to 22-29ft-lbs.


Nismo Engine and Trans Mounts

Although this upgrade isn’t necessary I highly recommend it. The old SR motor mounts are likely to have a lot of play in them. If you are building a car for any type of performance then stiffer motor mounts will benefit you. Less engine movement means more of the available power is going to be delivered to the rear tires instead of being wasted by excessive engine and drivetrain motion.

The mounts come off with one nut and are easy to change while the engine and trans are out. Once the engine is in the car well lets just say it’s not fun.

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I’m planning on doing this exact swap to my 95 S14 Zenki. My car is completely stock and one question I have been wondering is.. Do I need to modify/replace my front bumper for the turbo intercooler to fit?


You shouldn’t unless you’re doing a fmic conversion. The S chassis cars all had side mount intercoolers, and it should bolt up with little to no modification (They came like this everywhere but north America). If you’re gonna do a front mount, then ya, you might need to, but that’s pretty routine