Choosing the right parts:
Subaru WRX
Turbo/Camshaft Upgrade


Removing the stock turbo is straightforward and should take no time. Comparing it to the larger Garrett GTX2863R you’ll notice the bigger inlet housing which has a built-in surge protector but otherwise the turbos are similarly sized which is great since there won’t be any clearance issues fitting the new one back onto the engine.



It’s a smart idea to install all the oil and water line fittings onto the turbo before bolting it back onto the engine. Actually, you’d be cursing yourself if you didn’t do this prior to installation.


With the engine still out we decided to step up to these 1000cc Bosch EV14 injectors from DeatschWerks. The new technology in these injectors make them ultra precise at controlling fuel for a smooth idle, yet with the full capability of delivering enough fuel for big horsepower and an E85 fuel setup.


With all the engine mods performed and installed, it was time to drop the horizontally opposed 4-cylinder into its rightful spot. I suggest leaving the turbo off until the engine is in the bay then bolt it on afterwards so there’s no chance of any damage occurring.


Avoiding intake and exhaust restrictions is the key to maximizing power from the Garrett GTX turbo which, happens to have a 3-inch inlet meaning our old 2-inch intake pipe won’t work. Perrin Performance makes a 3-inch turbo inlet hose that is perfect for this application. However, since we were in a big rush to finish and didn’t want to wait on the order we decided to fab one up using 3-inch Vibrant Performance aluminum tubing we had around the shop. After realizing the complexity of the bends and the time to build this piece, we wished that we spent the money on the Perrin piece so don’t make the same mistake we did!





Especially because we had to make a gang of modifications to the tube adding in nipples and reliefs where it wouldn’t clear.


The result is a pretty trick custom inlet tube but you don’t want to know how many hours were spent fabricating it.


Here’s what the intake looks like installed (minus the coupler). If you look carefully you can see where the notch was needed to clear the bump in the intake manifold. Fitment looks to be spot on for the turbo too!

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Subaru WRX
Turbo/Camshaft Upgrade"

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Everything you always wanted to know about building a EJ but were too afraid to ask. Awesome job documenting this.