The Hottest Cars and Parts:
Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
Thru Dan Olivares’ Lens

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-30 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-31 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-32 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-33

As a photographer, Dan was obviously drawn to some of the sexier machines at TAS and the unique aerodynamics featured on them. We teased our Speed Academy shopmate and FD owner Ken Wagan with a few pics of the Car Shop Glow RX-7 on Facebook recently and Dan snapped some more drool-inducing images of it. What do you think, folks: should Ken paint his FD Rootbeer Brown or stick with something a little more traditional?

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-34 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-35 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-36 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-37 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-38 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-39 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-40

Dan was wise enough to spend some quality time in the GCG Turbo booth, where two of our favourite cars were on display: Under Suzuki’s Tsukuba lap record holding S15 Nissan Silvia and Mad Mike Whiddett’s new twin-turbo 4-rotor FD RX-7 built by Total Car Produce Magic (best JDM shop name ever!). All you fellow Time Attackers out there, just look at all the aero tricks in use on Under Suzuki’s car. If you’re going to copy aero for your own build, start right here and then send an apology to Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero whose helped Under Suzuki tremendously with his S15’s aero package in recent years.

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-42 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-43

The aero on Mad Mike’s new FD ain’t too shabby either, thanks to Total Car Produce Magic. We especially like the front fender design, which is both aggressive looking and highly functional. The rear end isn’t as radical as Under Suzuki’s gigantic diffuser,  but there’s no question it’s still a very functional setup with the dual-element G-Face wing and vented rear fenders and bumper cover. There’s also no question this thing is going to make apocalyptic amounts of smoke once Mad Mike lights up the rear tires with that insane twin-turbo 26B under the hood. Oh, and it’s got nitrous injection too, because a twin-turbo 4-rotor isn’t insane enough.

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