The Hottest Cars and Parts:
Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
Thru Dan Olivares’ Lens

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-63 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-64

Dan clearly has an appreciation for race cars (which explains why we like him so much), but he also snapped pics of some pretty special road cars. This Porsche 911 is just absurdly clean for a widebody. It’s from a company called Fastes’Cars, which makes $20,000 wide body kits for 996, 997 and 991 911s. It’s a bit like a RWB kit, but with less exaggerated proportions or the “rough style” exposed fender rivets or giant high-mounted rear wing.


Body kit manufacturer AimGain, who seems to focus primarily on Lexus and Toyota vehicles, had a whole bunch of eye-catching machines in their booth including two RC-Fs and and IS-F. Clearly AimGain subscribes to the theory of “Spindle all the grilles”, because they’ve even developed a GT86 body kit that converts the front grille to the trademark Lexus spindle shape. They also use some pretty unique contours on their over fenders.

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-68 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-70 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-71 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-72

Varis also had their new Lexus RC-F lip kit on display under the Magnum Opus label. As is the case with all of Varis’ work, this kit just looks correct on the RC-F and enhances all of its natural lines. I mean just look at all the little details, contours, angles and curves integrated into each part. It’s really art meets aero, and the quality and finish of their carbon parts is world-class. Worth every penny (or yen) in my books.

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-73 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-74 Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2015-75

Yokohama Tire had this Studie tuned BMW i8 in their booth. I haven’t seen one of these in person yet, but there is something intriguing and futuristic about the i8. I can’t decide if I like the exterior design, though all in a single colour like this one does look better to my eye than the two-tone ones that seem to be standard. Regardless, the interior looks appealingly minimalistic, and the BBS rims on this one are quite tasty.


Rowen is another Japanese manufacturer of very distinctive body kits, as these two Italian exotics illustrate. I personally find their style to be a bit too dramatic and busy, but there’s no question their kits make an impact…as do their models!

On the subject of booth models, they’re big into costumes in Japan. The girls are often dressed up in over-the-top outfits like this and there are hordes of pervy-photographers who do nothing but take pictures of them. The cars aren’t even of interest to these guys, but it’s all part of the TAS experience.

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